What does 5kg of fat actually look like

After reading through the various forums again this weekend we have realised that it’s time that some people were given a serious reality check especially when we see posts that state ” I have been Banting for 3 weeks and have ONLY lost 5kg of fat” or someone who is close to their goal weight sucks a number like ‘I have to lose 5kg” out of the air.

We have realised that most people have no clue what 5kg’s actually is so it’s time to put it into perspective.

We have created an A4 page that you can download and print out

butter block

Once printed you cut it out on the solid line, fold on the dotted lines and tuck the tabs in and glue them to form a 500g block of fat. You will print one of these out for every 500g you have lost so in the case of only losing 5kg, you will print out 10 of them.

You will print out one every time you lose 500g and hopefully this will put it clearly in perspective for people once they see the size of the pile.

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