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What does 5kg of fat actually look like

After reading through the various forums again this weekend we have realised that it’s time that some people were given a serious reality check especially when we see posts that state ” I have been Banting for 3 weeks and have ONLY lost 5kg of fat” or someone who is close to their goal weight sucks a number like ‘I have to lose 5kg” out of the air.

We have realised that most people have no clue what 5kg’s actually is so it’s time to put it into perspective.

We have created an A4 page that you can download and print out

butter block

Once printed you cut it out on the solid line, fold on the dotted lines and tuck the tabs in and glue them to form a 500g block of fat. You will print one of these out for every 500g you have lost so in the case of only losing 5kg, you will print out 10 of them.

You will print out one every time you lose 500g and hopefully this will put it clearly in perspective for people once they see the size of the pile.

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The Ultimate BattleProof™ Coffee Recipe

battleproof recipe

As many of our loyal troops already know, we go way beyond just finding a MCT Oil, putting it in a bottle and sticking it on a shelf. We are really passionate about MCTs, about finding out how they really work and how to optimize the effects they have on the body. This means lots of expensive testing and time consuming research that sometimes results in a breakthrough.

Something that intrigued us from the start was that Jeff Volek and Steve Phinney proposed a fat ratio of 27-55-18 SFA (Saturated Fat) – MUFA (Monounsaturated Fat) – PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fat) in the Art and Science of Low Carb Performance Book. This is based on the approximate composition of human adipose tissue. The body doesn’t do things accidentally, well not normally anyway, so if this is what our body stores it is probably not too far from what our body needs to burn. Researchers that’s your cue to get busy and study this…

What few seem to have done is take this step further. If this is what our body needs to burn, this is probably what our body needs to consume and if this is the case, how does our body make sure it gets the ratio right?

Our theory was that it actually only needs to monitor MUFA consumption as having too much SFA is not a problem but not consuming enough MUFA is.

The Tests

It was actually quite easy to test and while the tests were by no means scientific the results were very interesting…


We needed a source where the MUFA to SFA ratio wasn’t ideal and good old butter was the perfect candidate with an approximate fat composition of 63% SFA – 26% MUFA and 11% PUFA. This theoretically would mean you would need to eat almost twice the amount of butter as you would a product with the ratios proposed by Volek and Phinney. Phinney also commented that mixing 50% butter and 50% olive oil (MUFA butter) would approximate the ideal ratio.

So we ate butter and got a few friends to eat butter, then we ate the MUFA butter and no prizes for guessing what we found? You can on average only eat half the amount of MUFA butter vs. plain butter before you feel full…

So what about MCT Coffee is MCT coffee and butter the ideal recipe?

To test this we used 4 recipes:

  • Pure MCT and coffee
  • MCT, coffee and butter
  • MCT, coffee butter and Olive Oil
  • MCT, and Olive Oil

In all cases we could easily consume more than one cup of the blends without the Olive Oil but in most cases we were full after one cup of the blends with the Olive Oil. Our friends who tested this came back with the same results.

Before we get to the part you are all waiting for let’s address one more issue, is MCT coffee all hype and only for those on a LCHF diet or can it benefit everyone?

One of the unique properties of MCTs is that your body will likely convert them to ketones regardless of whether your diet is ketogenic or not. If there are ketones available, your brain will use them and will benefit from the improved concentration they bring to the party. Adding MUFA to the equation should not be an issue for people on either diet so we are going to make butter an optional component and those who are not LCHF can add milk if they so desire.

The Recipe


You really want to use light tasting oil as there is nothing worse than Olive Oil coffee.

To make what we feel could very well be close to the ultimate BattleProof™ Coffee recipe…

  • Start off with 400ml of good quality freshly brewed coffee
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of Battle Brew MCT Oil (remember you have to acclimatise your body to MCTs buy starting off with ½ tablespoons of MCT and slowly working up to 1-2 tablespoons over 10-14 days.
  • Add ½ tablespoon of Light Tasting Olive Oil (refined Olive Oil) per tablespoon of MCT.
  • Blend with a stick blender and you are ready to go. Seriously, you really want to blend this…

If you are on a LCHF diet you can add ½ tablespoon of unsalted butter per tablespoon of MCT Oil but again we have noticed that people over 25% body fat can take the MCT Olive Oil blend and still not get hungry until lunch time if not dinner. As the body fat percentage drops we see people’s bodies burning fat stores more reluctantly and at around 15% you will need to add the butter for prolonged energy.

Optional Extras:

  • One valid concern about MCT coffee is that it is very light in nutrients. Adding an egg yolk to the mix significantly increases its nutrient content.
  • There is also a move towards adding gelatine to your coffee and 1 teaspoon of gelatine blends in nicely with the mix.

The testing also revealed some other interesting results which has lead to an exciting new range being developed ….

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BattleProof Camo Bike

battleproof camo

Late last year we decided to do something very cool for the 2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour. We decided to build a full Camo Mountain Bike.

Sounds easy right?

Mock camo wasn’t going to cut it so we opted to paint it with real Multicam Hydro paint so it will basically end up looking like this mockup:

We are pretty much talking the whole bike with the frame, cranks, shock, seat post, stem, bars, rims and hubs all getting a camo treatment. First problem, finding someone to hydrocoat it for us. After trying a few options, JP from Coatit Cape Town stepped up to the plate to do the paint job as well as organise the multicam hydro film.



That just meant we had to get the brand new frame and fork stripped down and ready to paint. Stoke Suspension Works had the shock neatly stripped in no time at all and while it wasn’t easy sending the gorgeous Zaskar frame off for media blasting, we know it is destined for much better things.

Next challenge, the components…

We ended up with a full XT groupset for the bike which unfortunately was silver but Chris Jnr. from Chris Willemse Cycles saved our butt and helped us with black brakes and a black rear derailleur.

The final spec for the bike is:

  • 2014 GT Zaskar 29r 6065 Speedmetal frame
  • Rockshock XC30 Solo Air
  • 3 x 10 XT Group set with Ice Brakes and  Dyna-Sys
  • XT 29r Wheels
  • Easton Stem
  • Crankbrothers Seat Post
  • Fi’zi:k saddle
  • Kenda Road (for Cape Cycle Tour) and MTB tyres.

The plan is to hopefully have the bike on display at the Cycle Tour Expo and we will keep you updated as to exactly where it will be. It will also be out on rave day as part of the race for Rhino group so look out very carefully for it and our cycling kit…

battle brew kit

A number of people need to be thanked because without them this project would never have been possible.

In no particular order:

  • Alton from Omnico
  • JP from Coatit Cape Town
  • Avron from Cycle Traders
  • Peter Wheeler
  • Chris Willemse Jnr. and Chris Willemse Cycles
  • Stoke Suspension Works.
  • BMC


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Race 4 Rhino

Race4rhino (1)

Being a South African company, there are many local issues on our radar but one of the most pressing is the need to save our Rhinos from extinction. It has become clear that government can’t or won’t do this and the responsibility has been left with us, everyday South Africans and business owners.

In 2014 we lost 1215 Rhino and it looks like we will lose this war unless more of us step up and get involved.

One of the people who has is Scott Irving with his Race 4 Rhino which started off as  group of friend riding the Argus to raise money for Rhino conservation. In 2013 it had grown to 80 riders raising R167 925.00, R40 000 of which went to purchasing a motorbike for Zama Ncube, a rhino monitor at Somkhanda Game Reserve. The group grew again in 2014 and because the demand for entries outstripped the availability, more were secured for the 2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour.

Unfortunately for reasons that are still not yet apparent, where the Tour entries have always been reasonably scarce, there are a glut of entries floating around and organisations that are trying to raise funds are being bypassed in favour of entries at cost. If the entries are not used Race 4 Rhino organiser will have to pay the cost out of their own pockets as they have made it clear that all of the donations will go to Rhino conservation.

race 4 rhino

To avoid this they are offering two options:

  1. You can sign up to ride as part of the Race 4 Rhino team which will cost you R1600 and this includes your entry (R650), a great race 4 Rhino cycling jersey (R450) and your R500 donation to Rhino conservation.
  2. You can just purchase an entry and ride on your own for R650.00.

We are riding as part of the group and we hope that many of you will opt for the first option. Additionally any other fund-raising you can do would be most welcome. From our end we have decided to offer anyone from Cape Town, who rides as part of the group, a R50 discount on a bottle of our MCT Oil (excludes delivery) meaning that instead of the normal R159 per bottle, you will only pay R109.00. We are also working on a special Race 4 Rhino bulk pack that will save you money on the normal purchase price and also where we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the cause.

If you would like to be part of this great group of cyclists or just get an entry to the tour, please email Scott


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Dualit 700w Hand Blender Bundle

press core


dualit hand blender

click on image for product page

You may have seen us mention the Dualit Hand Blender on a couple of pages on this site and the main reason we like this one, despite it being a bit up market, is that its has a patented anti-suction design which means your Hand Blender won’t grip the bottom of the container like most other do. It is also very powerful with a 700w motor with a Speed range of 7000-16000 rpm and a Turbo option of 17000 to 18000 rpm.

We still think its pretty much the perfect Blender for making the perfect cup of BattleProof ™ Coffee and the good new is that we have managed to get access to a small number of these (20 units) and have been given permission to bundle them with MCT Oil at a reduced cost.

The Blender kit normally goes for R1970 in its own and we are going to offer it with 500ml of MCT Oil (R159 on its own) for R1840.00.  This means the blender is essentially going for R1681.00 and the price includes courier shipping to Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, George, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth or Pretoria.

Features Include
• 700W motor
• BPA Free and dishwasher safe attachments (excluding power unit and gearbox)
• 100% reduction in suction*
• 80% increase in chop zone* (for chopper bowl)
• Speed range: 7000-16000rpm
• Turbo option: 17000 to 18000rpm
• Anti pan scratch foot
• 1.0L Tritan jug with non-drip spout
• 0.6L chopping bowl with non-slip feet
• Balloon whisk
• Ergonomic grip
• Chop, puree and whisk
• Inspirational recipes included
* Measured against DHB1

What’s in the box:
• 700W Power unit
• Blending wand attachment
• Chopper bowl with blade and feed tube lid
• Whisk attachment
• Gearbox for whisk and chopping bowl
• 1L jug
• How-to guide instruction manual with inspirational recipes

•1 Year Warranty

We will be adding this bundle to our webstore on the 27th November 2014 . Only 20 units are available as part of this offer.

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The Difference between Coconut Oil and MCT Oil

What is the difference between coconut Oil and MCT Oil and Surely Coconut Oil is better?

This a question that gets asked a lot and the answer is a simple one, while coconut Oil may contain MCTs the body processes it and Pure MCT Oil differently.

Essentially coconut oil is a mix of fats and other components:

Coconut oil:

  • Capric Acid 5% C8:0
  • Caprylic Acid 7% C10:0
  • Lauric Acid 52% C12:0
  • Myristic Acid 17% C14:0
  • Palmitic Acid 8% C16:0
  • Oleic Acid 6% C18:0
  • Other components 5%

C6-12 are defined as Medium Chain fatty Acids or Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).

C12 and higher are defined as Long Chain fatty Acids or LCFAs. Please note that Lauric C12 sits on the border of medium and long chain!

What makes MCTs unique is that their tail length is short enough that it allows them to be absorbed through the mitochondrial membrane directly into the portal vein and into the liver. Some of the MCTs do however find themselves taking the long route via the lymphatic system.

So here is where it gets complicated and the easiest way to describe it is to use the concept of a school playground.

Take a playground at break time where the aim is to have as much fun as possible before the bell rings. In the MCTs case its get absorbed before the digestion process sweeps you away. Now MCTs on their own are like an all-day play pass because they don’t trigger the normal digestive process and require little or no pancreatic lipase or bile salts. Add long chain fats to the mix and the break clock starts to tick.

In the playground there are tires (the gaps in the mitochondrial membrane) and crawling through them leads to a slide (the portal vein) which in turn leads to another play area (the liver). C8:0 is the very small kid who flies through and C10:0 are the medium kids who can easily crawl through but poor C12 is the big kid who takes little longer to get through.

What this means in a normal digestion process, as would be triggered by coconut oil because of its 31% LCFA content, is that all of the C8 would make it through, most of the C10 would make it through and some of the C12 would make it through.

The problem is that it’s the rapid absorption that allows MCTs to impact the body the way they do and in a tbsp. of coconut oil all the Caprylic makes it, most of the Capric makes it and only some of the Lauric makes it in time.

In the case of MCT oil on its own which is only C8 and C10, almost 100% of its makes it to the liver.

If you add butter to the MCT mix and do trigger a digestive response over 95% of the MCTs still make it and the butter serves to add additional long chain fats to the mix which provide prolonged energy.

If you want to drink coffee with coconut oil, there is nothing wrong with that but don’t kid yourself or let anyone else kid you, you are not drinking Battleproof™ Coffee.

Battleproof™ Coffee is formulated to harness the benefits that large amounts of MCTs hitting the liver provide and to do have this happen you in fact have to have large amounts of MCTs making it straight to the liver.

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The First International Low Carb High Fat Health Summit



On the 22nd of February 2015 something very exciting will be happening right here in the Mother City when Cape Town has the incredible honour of playing host to the First International Low Carb High fat Health Summit.


As if that wasn’t enough the Panel of International Experts that has been attracted by the Summit Hosts, Karen Thomson and Professor Tim Noakes is pretty incredible. This line up includes:


What is the Summit all about? Their website sums it up as follows:

The world is facing a tsunami of lifestyle-related chronic diseases that will cost our global economy $47 trillion over the next twenty years. These diseases are eminently preventable and treatable, and yet currently, every year, they kill twice as many people around the world as infectious diseases do.According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in America, more than 1/3 of adults are obese as are approximately 12.5 million children. In South Africa our nation’s battle with the bulge is fast becoming a health epidemic.  A survey by global healthcare company GlaxoSmithKline earlier this year confirmed that at least 60% or nearly two out of every three South Africans are overweight, obese or morbidly obese.

Prof Tim Noakes and Karen Thomson, founder of The Sugar Free Revolution Online Program, will be hosting The First International Low Carb, High Fat Health Summit with internationally acclaimed doctors and researchers in South Africa from 20-22 February 2015.

Prof Tim Noakes’s book, The Real Meal Revolution, has taken South Africa by storm. It has remained at the top of the South African bestsellers list and has just been announced as the winner of the 2014 Nielsen Booksellers Choice Award at the annual Sefika Awards.

 Media frenzy has erupted and the ‘Banting diet’ as it has become known is spreading like wild-fire yet many medical professionals are claiming it to be dangerous and downright irresponsible to our health and wellbeing.

Could this be a case of cognitive dissonance?

Clearly, what we have been taught is not working. We need a different paradigm.

We need a different model.

We need a SOLUTION.


The Conference kicks off with a two day Medical Summit from the 20th -21st February 2015 and is followed by a one day Public Health Summit on the 22nd february 2015

What to expect at the two-day medical summit

  • The two-day medical professional’s health summit is aimed primarily at the medical practitioner and the content will focus on the scientific data, studies and facts surrounding a LCHF lifestyle. Presentations will include medical terminology. Case studies and research topics will be explored. After each presentation, a Q&A session will be held.
  • The CPD points will be awarded to medical professionals attending the Health Summit:
  • 20-21 February 2015: 14 CPD points
  • 22 February 2015: 8 CPD points (can only be earned if 20-21 February has been attended)
  • Total for three-day Health Summit: 22 CPD points.
  • Medical Professionals from South Africa and abroad will be awarded with a CPD Certificate confirming their attendance.

What to expect at the one-day public health summit

  • The one-day public health summit is geared more towards the everyday person who has an interest in following a LCHF lifestyle, or is following one already.
  • The content will be geared towards the practical implementation of a LCHF diet and presentations will focus on frequently asked questions about weight loss, cholesterol, diabetes and nutritional benefits.
  • Opportunity for delegates to ask personal questions relating to implementing LCHF into their lives. Speakers will draw from the content of their published books.

All books will be available to purchase at the event.

The spacious Jasminium Conservatory and adjacent Clivia Courtyard at The Cape Town International Convention Centre will provide ample space for delegate registration, an exhibition mini trade fair zone, luncheon and networking area.

 Tickets can be booked here with an early bird discount applicable for booking before the 15th November 2014

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Keto Shock

Being in the MCT game and being closely associated with many Low Carb and ketogenic forums we have seen something happening over and over again. Some describe it as severe dizziness while their blood pressure is normal others as brain fog or being light-headed but we are calling it Keto Shock and it is a term we have come up with to aptly describe something we are starting to see way too often. This is not normal carb flu, and in some cases people have reported almost passing out at the wheel of a car. In every case its been a case of too higher dose of MCT oil to start with or an extreme sudden carb cut, down to something like 25g per day.

Due to the abundance of high carb foods most of us have never been in ketosis and despite being designed to use ketones our bodies and brains are not used to it which is why you need to become keto adapted.

Ketosis normally occurs when your liver’s glycogen stores are depleted as happens in a very low carb diet and your body being the incredible thing it is, tells your liver to start producing ketones from fat as an alternate source of fuel.

Normally, unlike so many who dive head long into Banting LCHF etc, one would start off on 50-100g of carbs a day and slowly lower till you get into keto. This allows your body to get used to ketones as it will be dual fuelling for some of the time and once it switches, it is already used to ketones as a fuel.

Suddenly cutting your carbs to ultralow levels will leave your body no choice but to go into ketosis but your brain especially may not be used to using ketones and you may experience being light-headed or dizzy spells of varying intensity. We call this Keto Shock because that’s pretty much what it is and the symptoms, while not damaging (to your brain) can range from subtle to very severe. It’s the consequences of the dizziness that can be problematic or dangerous especially if you are driving or operating equipment.

We first saw this because MCTs will result in ketone production regardless of your liver’s glycogen stores. If you start off on a full dose of 1-2 tbsp you not only stand a chance of upsetting your stomach but you will also get a significant ketone rush and some of you really may not be able to handle it.  The symptoms are exactly the same as we have seen with some of those who suddenly go extremely low carb.

Once you are fully ketone adapted that rush triggers what we call a Wargasm which is basically a huge rush of endorphins that leaves you grinning like a cheshire cat and viewing huge mountains as mere bumps in the road. Granted this does happen most often during intense exercise after taking MCTs but the ketone rush fueling that Wargasm is significant and we cringe to think what it does to a brain that isn’t ketone adapted.  The trick is that you need to give yourself time to get used to ketosis.

Our standard protocol for MCTs is 1/2 tbsp to begin with, slowly working your way up to 1-2 tbsp over 10-15 days. We stress this all over our product and in the enclosed booklet again and again.

Following this protocol will ensure that you do not experience Keto Shock…

In the case of those experiencing this with ketogenic diets we find that just adding something like  berries to the diet and raising the carbs immediately eradicates the symptoms. The process we have recommended is to slowly lower the carbs over a week or so and in all cases the symptoms have not returned.

MCTs allow you to adapt to ketones while keeping your carbs at higher levels makes them a very valuable way of ensuring you don’t have this happen to you.

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Battle Brew now available at Chrome SA stores


We are happy to announce that Battle Brew MCT Oil is now available at Chrome SA stores in its new retail packaging.

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New Battleproof Coffee Bundles

press core

When we initially looked at our product range we were considering offering a Battle Brew Coffee blend but the reality of being able to ship enough coffee to warrant this soon put an end to that plan as did the shipping costs to get it to you.

Our recent  decision to switch to using courier as our primary delivery method has prompted a rethink around supplying coffee and we are happy to announce that we will soon be shipping a bundle options where you can get MCT Oil and a bag of Truth Coffee, shipped to major centres, while taking advantage of our free shipping on MCT oil.

The cost of the bundle will be R229  for a 500ml bottle of Battle Brew MCT Oil and  225g of Truth Resurrection Blend, beans or ground. (price will increase on the 10th November 2014)

We will add this option to our webstore in the next few days.

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