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New more environmentally friendly shipping packaging.

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As of today we are happy to announce that we have implemented our new, more environmentally friendly shipping packaging.

Many of you have commented that getting a bottle of Battle Brew out of its tube was like trying to break into Fort Knox but unfortunately thanks to SA Post Office, we had to seriously over pack the tubes to prevent breakages and theft.

Images, like this one, circulating of the recent strike damage will give you some idea of what our parcels had to endure to protect your precious MCT Oil.

MCT Shipping Tubes Environmentally Friendly

The Old Packaging

The old packaging on the left ended up with bottle being placed inside foam net which was then wrapped in bubble wrap. The wrapped bottle was then heat sealed inside a plastic bag.

The bagged bottle was placed inside the tube, which has its plastic end cap stapled to the tube, to reduce theft, and a shock absorbing foam disk was placed between the end cap and the bottle.

Apart from all of the plastic and foam, these were taking 4 minutes per tube for us to pack.

The New Packaging

In the interim we were testing alternative packaging methods and today we switched to the packaging you can see on the right.

All this consists of, is the tube, two plastic end caps and 4 corrugated cardboard disks.

Two of these are solid discs, one at the top and one at the bottom to serve as impact absorption.

The second set of discs have cut-outs that fit around the base of the bottle and the cap, ensuring that the bottle is held securely in the centre of the tube.

What this means for the environment is that every part of the package from the bottle and its sleeve to the tube and its end caps are now recyclable and we would ask that all our clients please do recycle them.

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LCHF, Banting and Tim Noakes

banting Tim Noakes LCHF

We often get asked what our take on Banting LCHF and Tim Noakes is. This probably isn’t surprising as we do supply a product that is 100% saturated fat albeit a very unusual fat.

 So we thought we would give you an idea of where we or rather our CIC stands on these issues.


love her or hate her Nina Teicholz has shaken up the nutrition industry with her book Big Fat Surprise and its worth reading if you want a good idea of how our nutrition took a wrong turn. Nina is by no means leading or alone in her views on Fat, She is in the company of some seriously heavy weight and high respected doctors, scientist and nutritional experts who are all pointing out that a shift from HFLC to LFHC has done more damage than good.

Tim Noakes

Next we have Tim Noakes who is a HFLC advocate which might shock many Banters, who haven’t realised or refuse to accept that Banting is simply one of the flavours of HFLC. Another serious point of denial for them is that Noakes didn’t invent this and we are not leading the world as far as HFLC goes.

The essence of what Noakes is saying makes sense but he tends to get very excited. In one breath will say he is the first to advocate that Banting isn’t for everyone and in the next breath he says everyone should be Banting.

We support his stance on LCHF and his view that Banting isn’t for everyone. If more people took the time to sit down and chat to him face to face it may actually help us out of the dietary quagmire we find ourselves in and find the right road forward.


Finally there is Banting, invented by William Banting in the 1800’s and resurrected by Tim Noakes in 2010. If you look at the people that Noakes advocates Banting for, being those who are more than moderately insulin resistant or have type 2 diabetes the lifestyle makes perfect sense. In fat The Banting approach is actually backed up but a number of recent studies and although it’s extremely high fat it’s the balance for cutting out the carbs.

Some experts argue that it’s too high in fat and too low in carbs and that normal people don’t need such extremes but they forget that we are not designed to be highly insulin resistant or have type 2 diabetes so unfortunately an extreme approach is require to counter and reverse what HCLF diets have done to many of us.

To problem is that many of us are not highly insulin resistant and don’t have type 2 diabetes and while more research is advocating the dangers of high carb, and low fat a balanced lower carb higher fat diet is actually not bad as long as the carbs are not overly processed or refined and not sugar.

The biggest issue as we see it is the RMR cookbook which was aimed at Banting but has attracted many who don’t need to Bant because if it’s fat laden recipes. On their own many of them are ok as part of a balanced diet but the Banting forums are full of people trying to cram as many of those meals into a day as they can. An example would be bacon and eggs for breakfast with a mug of coconut oil coffee followed by some fat bombs. That’s the equivalent of 3 HFLC meals in one go and the idea of HF is that fat keeps you full so you eat less, not so you stuff more in.

And finally the big concern

We got into the mess we are in because someone thought they were right and used money and political connections to change the world. We are pretty much back to the first step and we need to be careful we don’t do the same thing again no matter how good the intention driving it.

Along with Fat has come a new insight into cholesterol and some pretty convincing new studies again from highly respected individuals. Everything points to the problem being different to what we thought it was and it does seem that a HFLC diet in many, actually seems to reduce your risk.

But not everyone has diet induced issues and some people do have problems but in many cases they are turning to the Banting forums where a panel of totally unqualified self-appointed experts in everything are dishing out advice as far as quitting medication and treatments go. And we wonder why Noakes is getting the resistance he is?

In some cases it’s hard to understand why some of the specialist are digging their heels in because they seem to be oblivious of or unwilling to address the new research but in other cases there are some who are looking into it but have very sick patients who are stopping their medication because of what they thought Noakes said or what they were told in forums.

Our systems while pretty incredible were never designed to be compromised in the manner they have been by our diet. When we change back to something like LCHF they do sometimes over compensate and in most cases do get it right but in some cases they get it very wrong and it ends up killing us.

This is where cardiologists like Dalby are causing a problem because instead of sitting down with Noakes and trying to work with him and find a way forward they are on the attack which given the latest research out there, especially regarding statins, makes one question their motives and less likely to trust them.


We believe that HFLC is definitely the direction we need to take but there are three main approaches that need to be considered

There is Paleo for those with allergies and autoimmune, Banting for those with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes and Primal for those who are looking for a balance lifestyle and don’t need to address a health issue other than maybe shed some weight.

We feel that people shouldn’t just jump on one bandwagon but should take the time to understand the methodology behind the lifestyles and adapt to what works best for them.

Update 28/08/2014

The biggest concern that we feel that SA should have is that many in the country seem to have lost objectivity in that the dislike, bordering on hatred, for Noakes is detracting from the fact that he is just a single man in South Africa echoing what a lot of very competent and highly respected people overseas are saying.

Does the fact that he did a U-turn make everyone saying the same thing as he is wrong or does it just cloud the judgement of those who are not prepared to accept that he may be right. If we took Naokes out of the equation and asked what do you think of what Teicholz and Lustig, to name but two, what would your answer be?

Would the critic still dismiss a non Banting approach to LCHF?

The fact that Noakes did something very stupid last week regarding tweeting about vaccinations unfortunately only means that he did something stupid last week, it still doesn’t mean that all the others saying the same thing about LCHF are wrong.

We have a whole internet at our disposal filled with a huge amount of rubbish and some really good articles. The number of hoax posts that get reposted and shared, even though they are clearly exposed with a simple search, shows that many just take what they read as gospel. This has to change and as a race we need to start doing our own research and stop just believing newspapers and people pushing financial agendas.

We would challenge everyone who is on the fence as far as LCHF to go read The Big Fat Surprise and don’t just believe Nina, go do your own research into what she says. You may be very surprised at how your view on the topic changes after this…

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Surfstore Africa goes Battleproof

Surfstore Africa MCT Oil battleproof coffee

logo4 (1)

Exciting news for all the Muizenberg surfers and kite surfers!

Surfstore Africa is now serving real Battle Brew Battleproof™ coffee and it is the perfect pre-surf energy drink to keep you riding those waves for hours.

They can be found at 48-50 Beach Road, Muizenberg or contacted on 021 788-5055

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Free Shipping Extended till end 2014

Free Shipping Battle Brew MCT OilMCT Oil free shipping

Great news for all our first time recruits and returning cadets!

We have decided to extend the free SA shipping offer until the end of 2104!

That’s right, free shipping on all Battle Brew MCT orders placed through one of our listed online outlets till the end of December 2014.

All orders placed during this period will be dispatched at zero shipping fee within South Africa via South Africa Post Office Counter to Counter Economy Freight.

But its gets even better!

If you place an order for two or more Bottles of Battle Brew MCT Oil and you are in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, George, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth or Pretoria, we will upgrade the shipping to courier road freight at no additional charge.

Terms and Conditions:

This offer is only valid for shipments within the borders of South Africa and may be withdrawn should the Post Office amend its terms of carriage or refuse to carry our product.

Normal delivery for econo freight is 5 to 7 working days as stated by the SAPO.

This offer will expire on the 23rd December 2014.

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Mr South Africa Finalist Morné Marais signs with Battle Brew

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Battle Brew would like to congratulate Morné Marais on making the top 25 competing for the Mr South Africa 2014 title and we are proud to announce that we will be supporting him in his challenge for the crown.

We are also happy to announce that he will be the face of our new brand campaign which we are launching shortly.

Mr Marais, being a personal trainer and health professional is exactly the kind of partnership we as a company are looking for.

We wish him all the best on his road to Mr South Africa 2014 and we will be making sure he is suitably armed, mentally and physically to overcome the challenges he may encounter on the way.

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The Invasion Continues

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The battle Brew campaign has intensified with a stronghold now established in Johannesburg.

Terence Tobin is our first JHB stockist of Battle Brew M-C-T Oil and his stock is already in transit to him.

We will be continuing to bring more distribution points online so make sure you watch the blog for announcements and check the Depot for new additions.

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Is it Low Carb Flu or is it actually yeast die off.

press coreThis is not a topic that many want to discuss but it pretty relevant when it comes to MCTs and low carb diets. Many of us have fungal or yeast infections and may never know about it but in others it often becomes a problem.

When you switch to a low carb diet you cut sugar out of your diet and as a result, you essentially you starve the yeast or fungus that is living in your body. MCTs on the other hand are very powerful antifungal agents and have a tendency to turn your body into hotel hell for fungus and yeast.

In both cases the yeast starts to die off and it’s normally no problem but in some cases the die off can reach massive proportions, overwhelming your body’s ability to purge the dead or dying yeast fast enough.

The symptoms that this can cause include:

  • Nausea
  • Headache, fatigue, dizziness
  • Swollen glands
  • Bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea
  • Increased joint or muscle pain
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Chills, cold feeling in your extremities
  • Body itchiness, hives or rashes
  • Sweating
  • Fever
  • Skin breakouts
  • Recurring vaginal, prostate and sinus infections

Some of these are easy to confuse with the symptoms of Low Carb Flu.

While these are not pleasant the die off is a good thing and the symptoms normally only last about 7 days. If the symptoms persist you should go see a doctor and if you are taking MCTs, cut back on the dosage to slow down the rate at which the yeast is being killed off and give your body a chance to purge it from your system.

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Battle Brew Invades East London

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Battle Brew has invaded East London and established an outpost.

Great news for all our cadets in East London is that  Carl Sparg will now be stocking and selling Battle Brew MCT Oil so no more waiting for SAPO economy freight. Carl’s stock should be arriving at this very moment and you can find him listed in Depot Section if you need his details in future.

 JHB and CT you are next so watch this space.

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Glass bottles and other expensive considerations.

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One of the questions we get asked often is why we use glass bottles, after all they are heavy and they break far more easily than a plastic bottle would.

The answer has two parts, the first being linked to why we also bottle at a pharmaceutical manufacturer and the second is an environmental concern.

Let’s address the first part.

MCTs are more absorbed than digested in a normal manner and get a priority express ride straight to the liver and it’s the way in which they are processed that gives them the benefits we experience over other types of fats. The problem is that the body is in such a rush to get the MCTs to the liver it doesn’t necessarily stop to see what may be dissolved in them such as fat soluble toxins or other fat soluble chemicals.

We didn’t just look at MCTs as say “hey let’s put this in a bottle and see how we can make money, we spent a lot of time looking for the right Oil and an equal amount of time deciding how to package it safely. The decision to go with glass was a simple one as there are just too many unknowns about plastic to risk it with a product like MCTs.

Then there was the concern about how to get the oil into the bottle. It is all well and good putting it into a pharmaceutical grade glass bottle only to shift the risk of contamination to the bottling process.

We looked into what it would cost to bottle ourselves and it was nice and cost-effective but the cost of ensuring a contaminant free environment was not so cost-effective so we opted to let a very highly regarded pharmaceutical company do our bottling for us. Still not as cost-effective but at least we know that the product is bottled under highly controlled conditions and it’s not exposed to any other substances or ingredients.

The downside for us is that it means that whereas most companies start off with about the same cost depending on the quality of the oil, we end up with a higher finished product cost. We then go on to incur extra costs like packaging to protect the glass bottles but this is not going to change and Battle Brew will continue to be bottled under pharmaceutical conditions in glass bottles.

Then let’s talk about labelling.

Technically MCTs are a food oil and dietary supplement but they are widely used in other manners which we do cover in our documentation but which we do not promote as suggestions for use. This does however mean that it’s not good enough to just put MCTs in a bottle and stick a label on it telling you how great it is and that you take x amount of it.

There are contraindications for MCTs in a diet and this need to be disclosed as well as the fact that you need to slowly get used to higher doses because MCT oil is so concentrated.

We were considering making a lot of the info only available to our clients but we have had so many people contacting us saying I have a bottle of MCT Oil and I don’t know what to do with it or I am type I diabetic, and our first response is that we include info on the bottle and each bottle comes with a leaflet to which they all reply, it’s not a bottle of your MCT Oil.

This is concerning enough that we have decided to make all the important info freely available to everyone, regardless of whether you have our brand or not.

Finally there is the environmental aspect. We would love to re-use the bottles but the cost of re-sterilisation would be too high but we are happy to say that both the bottle and the sleeve can be recycled. Just slice the sleeve off and put it and the cap in the plastics bin and the bottle in the glass bin.

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Battle Brew Ordinance Drop Test

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As a few of our new cadets have experienced, we have been having an issue with the SAPO (South African Post office) regarding damaged or lost parcels (usually discarded after being damaged). What has confounded us is that every single parcel that has had a problem has been damaged at Witspos Postal Hub and not a single parcel that has gone through any other Hub has been damaged.

We got strong confirmation today that it would seem that our parcels are being opened at Witspos for “inspection” and then incorrectly repackaged which is why they are breaking. The parcel today had most of its packing missing and was broken. We shipped it with 2 layers of protective wrap, inside a sealed plastic sleeve, inside a cardboard tube which was then placed in a bubble wrap lined envelope.

Witspos remains adamant that its our packaging, which we have re-tested so we thought we would share the test results from this afternoon.

We took a tube that is packaged in exactly the same way as the ones that have been broken and we dropped it 10 times from head height ensuring that it hit the ground in many different orientations. After shaking it and hearing a healthy still in glass sloshing sound, we then threw it relatively hard, the way someone who expected to find something really valuable may do out of frustration.

Here is the result of this test.

ipp ipp ipp ipp

Not unexpectedly the tube has suffered some damage and the plastic end caps have cracked on the edges. Next the moment of truth…


No water in the sealed bag is a good sign and the bag has not been pierced in any way. But is the bottle damaged?


Sadly for the SAPO the bottle is 100% intact with not a drop of water having leaked out of it. So it would seem that it’s not our packaging unless of course it would have broken on the 12th drop which we feel is a little excessive for the average parcel to have to endure.

We have already implemented a free FastWay Courier option for orders of 2 or more but they are limited to the larger centres. However seeing that it is Witspos that seems to be the problem this may be sufficient as FastWay covers most of the territory that Wistpos does.

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