BB elite

Everyday our Elite Troops arm themselves with Battle Brew M-C-T Oil, leave the safety of their bunkers and step out into the world to take on life and everything it throws at them.

These are their stories.

I started using Battle Brew MCT Oil about a month ago, I have never felt more alive. My mind is clear, concentration throughout the day is heightened and I have no energy slumps in the afternoon – plenty umph for my after work CrossFit sessions.. This is product that could benefit all.

Terence Tobin – JHB

Love starting my days with a cup of battle brew. I used to feel the after lunch slump that drains any possibility of being productive, until I started keeping some battlebrew mct oil handy at work. A mid-morning cup keeps me energized throughout the day and when necessary a quick top up for those overtime hours or after work gym workouts when you need an extra boost. Definitely a staple supplement in my cupboard. Cannot wait for more versions and options of products from battlebrew. 

Mel Smit – CT

I am now starting my second bottle of MCT oil and will never look back. I have boundless energy, my muscle recovery after gym has improved and it is helped decrease my desire for morning snacking. All round a huge impact on my life 

Angela Schurink

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