BattleProof Camo Bike

battleproof camo

Late last year we decided to do something very cool for the 2015 Cape Town Cycle Tour. We decided to build a full Camo Mountain Bike.

Sounds easy right?

Mock camo wasn’t going to cut it so we opted to paint it with real Multicam Hydro paint so it will basically end up looking like this mockup:

We are pretty much talking the whole bike with the frame, cranks, shock, seat post, stem, bars, rims and hubs all getting a camo treatment. First problem, finding someone to hydrocoat it for us. After trying a few options, JP from Coatit Cape Town stepped up to the plate to do the paint job as well as organise the multicam hydro film.



That just meant we had to get the brand new frame and fork stripped down and ready to paint. Stoke Suspension Works had the shock neatly stripped in no time at all and while it wasn’t easy sending the gorgeous Zaskar frame off for media blasting, we know it is destined for much better things.

Next challenge, the components…

We ended up with a full XT groupset for the bike which unfortunately was silver but Chris Jnr. from Chris Willemse Cycles saved our butt and helped us with black brakes and a black rear derailleur.

The final spec for the bike is:

  • 2014 GT Zaskar 29r 6065 Speedmetal frame
  • Rockshock XC30 Solo Air
  • 3 x 10 XT Group set with Ice Brakes and  Dyna-Sys
  • XT 29r Wheels
  • Easton Stem
  • Crankbrothers Seat Post
  • Fi’zi:k saddle
  • Kenda Road (for Cape Cycle Tour) and MTB tyres.

The plan is to hopefully have the bike on display at the Cycle Tour Expo and we will keep you updated as to exactly where it will be. It will also be out on rave day as part of the race for Rhino group so look out very carefully for it and our cycling kit…

battle brew kit

A number of people need to be thanked because without them this project would never have been possible.

In no particular order:

  • Alton from Omnico
  • JP from Coatit Cape Town
  • Avron from Cycle Traders
  • Peter Wheeler
  • Chris Willemse Jnr. and Chris Willemse Cycles
  • Stoke Suspension Works.
  • BMC


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