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Reboot Friendly MCT Coffee


The idea of MCTs for those doing the SleekGeek Reboot has been heavily debated and the outcome was that MCTs have a lot to offer someone on Reboot however there is concern about the use of MCT coffee and the way its being used on during this program.

The main aim of the Sleekgeek Reboot is to give your body a chance to start resetting and getting back on track during the 30 days that it takes to complete the program. During this period most common allergens are removed from the diet as well as foods that are known to be problematic. Butter, being dairy, is one of the items that is eliminated from reboot and its one of the main components in MCT (aka Bulletproof) coffee. The solution that many seem to rush to is substituting Ghee instead of the butter but the concern is that bombing the body with massive amounts of LCFs (Long Chain Fats) while its meant to be resetting is not a good idea, nor is replacing meals when people are meant to be re-learning to eat clean and nutritiously.

The other side of the coin is that MCTs are very unique and while they are far from a magic bullet they actually contribute a lot to the aims of reboot in the they stimulate your metabolism which is good if you have undergone a metabolic slowdown.

MCTs are also good in that once they have been through the liver, the body processes them similarly to the way it would carbs. This is very valuable for Rebooters because many suffer carb withdrawal aka Carb Flu which can happen if you drastically cut back on carbohydrates as the body needs to shift to the other energy source… fat, which either comes from your diet or your body fat stores.

It can take a few days for the body to adapt to burning primarily fat instead of carbs, during which you will probably feel a little under the weather. MCTs being a medium chain fat that the body processes very readily can also help the body re-learn to do this faster and as a result may actually lessen the effects of this and in turn save the body from of a lot of stress.

So our recommendation for Reboot is that you break your daily MCT intake into 4 doses instead of one big dose in the morning. This is also beneficial in that it helps your body acclimatise to MCTs.

We are not removing the MCT coffee from your day because its a very valuable means of getting your body going in the morning but we are just suggesting that it should be a lower dose of MCT Oil meaning that your morning cup of coffee will be made by adding 1 teaspoon of MCT oil (only The Oil, no butter or Ghee) to the coffee and blending it with a stick or jug blender.

The remaining 3 teaspoons of MCT oil should be spread out over the day and can be taken again with a cup of coffee, tea, added to your salad dressing, smoothies, food or just taken on its own.